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Google AdWords Training - Reduce waste, increase efficiency


Do you need to get more value out of your AdWords pay per click campaigns?  Unless you're AdWords certified and paying close attention to the myriad of changes released almost weekly by Google, your campaigns are probably losing you money.

PPC-Strategies can help you boost the performance of your AdWords.  We provide one on one AdWords training via Gotomeeting screenshares and in-house sessions for those in the Boston and southern New Hampshire area.  We're Certified in AdWords fundamental and advanced strategies and can help you improve your campaigns by implementing Google PPC best practices, including:

  1. Efficient Campaign and Adgroup architecture to improve quality scores, increase ad position, and lower cost per click.
  2. Bid management strategies to maximize advertising budget.
  3. Text ad optimization to increase click through rate and improve visitor experience.
  4. A/B and multi-variate ad testing to identify optimal value propositions for your products and services.

We can also teach you how to link your AdWords account with other Google properties, including:

Chances are, some of your campaign settings are working against your ROI, and just a few tips from us can dramatically improve performance. Online training sessions start at $90/hour, and in-house training starts at $500/day plus travel expenses.

If you'd like to learn more about our AdWords custom training, feel free to contact us for a no obligation phone chat!  What have you got to lose?






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