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Google Analytics - "turning noise into insights"

Are you stymied by Google Analytics (GA)?  Not sure what the data means?  Not seeing Adwords or MSN data in Analytics?

You're not alone if your eyes immediately glaze over and your brain starts to hurt!  Most of our clients become overwhelmed by GA and are at a loss as to how to make sense out of the columns of numbers.

They rely on PPC-Strategies to turn mountains of meaningless "noise" into actionable, meaningful insights.  We can now provide you and your team with the same one-on-one custom training, dashboards and reports that we offer to our clients.

Our training is geared toward helping you answer the most pressing questions your marketing and web team have about site performance - and then figuring out what to do next!

Being Google Analytics certified, we can help you gain confidence in your website's data and learn how to use that for continuous improvement of all your marketing channels.

Our helpful training and GA services include:

Account Setup Best Practices: 

  • Ensure account settings are optimized and Data Sources are linked to AdWords
  • Understand how to create multiple properties in one account for different websites you own
  • Create multiple profiles to leverage powerful filters
  • Understand the difference between Users and Administrators and how to set them up and manage access to confidential data

General "introduction" to Analytics default reports:

  • Learn what they mean & how to use them
  • Learn how to apply temporary filters and access additional dimensions of data
  • Learn how to "cleanse" organic data to remove brand traffic "contaminants"
  • Understand mobile vs. tablet vs. computer visitors and behavior
  • Visualize how visitors navigate through pages of your site

Custom Account Profiles:

  • Learn how to create profiles to filter specific types of data (in or out)
  • Learn how to restrict user access to only certain profiles, protecting your sensitive data from prying eyes

Adwords & Analytics Linking:

  • Import Adwords cost, click and revenue data into Analytics advertising reports
  • Import Analytics bounce rates, time on site and pages/visit into Adwords reports
  • Understand cookie tracking differences and resulting attribution discrepancy between Adwords & Analytics reports

Custom Dashboards & Report Creation:

  • Isolate the precise information needed to take quick, corrective action with PPC campaigns
  • Generate key performance indicator "snapshots" and more detailed reports for your marketing department and executive office
  • Understand the role and interplay of all your online marketing channels with powerful Multi-Channel Funnel reports

Manual Campaign Tagging Instruction:

  • Differentiate Bing PPC vs Bing Organic traffic in Analytics with properly tagged ads
  • Understand "post click" visitor behavior from your email and newsletter blasts, and measure the relative value of each creative or link
  • Evaluate effectiveness of traditional CPM banner ads & media placement
  • Compare performance of Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE)

Goal Set Up and Management:

  • Track transaction and ecommerce goals
  • Track "soft" goals for time on site, pages per visit, duration on site
  • Track "micro-conversions", i.e., newsletter sign-ups, views of a key page
  • Analyze shopping cart funnel behavior and cart abandonment
  • Create rich multi-channel funnel reports based on one or more goals

Custom Advanced Segments:

  • Quickly isolate all traffic that matches your segment's pre-defined criteria
  • Easily compare and contrast visitor behavior and conversion data

Ecommerce Tracking Code Installation:

  • Pass valuable transaction detail from your shopping cart "thank you/confirmation" page including, revenue, tax, shipping
  • Access in-depth revenue reporting by keyword, country, region, city and traffic type

Google Experiments:

  • Test different versions of web pages and PPC landing pages
  • Learn how the content on your site and the placement, color and size of graphical elements impact visitor behavior, conversions and transactions

Google Analytics Remarketing: 

  • Learn how to modify your UA tracking code to leverage the newer, more flexible Remarketing through Analytics
  • Integrate with your Adwords Remarketing campaigns 

Google Event Tracking:

  • Track micro-conversions like PDF downloads
  • Track button clicks to purchase products on a 3rd party site

Google Site Search Tracking:

  • Set up and track what people are searching on your website
  • Gather intelligence about what pages are working or not
  • Identify products that might be difficult to find on your site
  • Identify opportunities to advertise on new keywords

These are just some of the types of training sessions offered by PPC-Strategies.  Gaining a better understanding of your company's analytics will help you improve your bottom line and provide your team with predictive data for planning your marketing strategy in the months to come.

If you would like to learn more about how advanced Analytics knowledge can benefit your company, please contact us today!  Individual, online sessions begin at $100/hour.  In-house training is also available for companies in the Boston and southern NH area, with day rates beginning at $500.







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