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Ruma's started working with Barb at PPC-Strategies in 2010, and we couldn't be happier with the partnership. Barb's tremendous wealth of knowledge surrounding the ever-changing Google Analytics platform alone has been a tremendous asset to our business. To our great benefit, Barb partners that knowledge with a deep awareness of customer behavior to implement strategies that perfectly target our consumer base. Within one year, Barb helped us increase our visibility, created attention-demanding campaigns and stretched our marketing dollars to do more for us - a crucial need in these challenging economic times.

Barb and her team continue to help us make smart, data-driven changes to our PPC and organic campaigns, tweaking our PPC ads for peak performance such that we consistently see results in our analytics.

Barb helped us to create our ads with a real strategy in mind and is quick to recognize when and how that strategy needs to be adjusted. She has gone above and beyond, becoming a mentor to me on the ins-and-outs of Google's methodologies, giving me a better understanding of this important aspect of our marketing strategy. Barb truly is an integral part of our marketing team.

                Andrea Ruma,
                Ruma's Fruit & Gift Basket World


Look up the word "strategic" in the dictionary and you are more than likely to find Barb Young's and Jan Rohwetter's pictures next to the description. They are savvy mavens in the world of Google Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. Always on the cutting edge, they are willing to share their knowledge of cyberspace with our team and make our overall advertising campaigns more cohesive, productive and engaging. I love the monthly conference calls which enable us to brainstorm and move forward with new ideas to constantly improve our results in this fast-paced, technology driven arena.

Mary Field,
Vice President,
The Villages at Noble's Pond 


I love working with Barb of ppc-strategies, both as a direct client and as a marketing team member! She's professional, insightful and always takes the time to understand each client's business and their goals. Most importantly, I can always rely on her to give honest feedback on important site stats & problem area fixes, as well as developing smart campaigns that engage the right target markets.I heartily recommend her to all my marketing clients, and look forward to her input to grow WomenCentric globally!

Pattie Simone,
Entrepreneur, New Media Consultant, Journalist 



It continues to be a tremendous experience for us working with Barb Young of PPC-Strategies.  Barb has brought us out from the dark ages of PPC into the light of cutting-edge tactics to boost our online presence and our sales.  What Barb brings to the table is a passion for not only constantly learning all the new features and techniques for optimizing PPC, she also has a passion for seeing that our business, and our people, succeed.  Barb took the time to understand what we do, how our products work and who comprises our target markets.  Barb has taken this information and used it to create the most effective PPC campaign that we could hope for and, by the way, she's a workaholic who doesn't rest until every possible avenue towards growth is exhausted.  It's my pleasure to recommend Barb and I back that up with my phone number: 508-474-6880, ext. 551.  I'll be happy to speak with you personally if you'd like to hear more about our outstanding experience with Barb and PPC-Strategies.

Richard Barnett
Scanner Master Corp.
Holliston, MA











``I love working with Barb of PPC-Strategies, both as a direct client and as a marketing team member! ''
- Pattie Simone, Founder,